Empowering Skilled Migrants: Visa Changes for Australia’s Economic Revival

Image of skilled migration into Australia

  In a bid to facilitate Australia’s post-pandemic resurgence and to acknowledge the vital contributions of highly skilled migrants, the Morrison Government is rolling out significant visa changes. These measures are tailored to make it more feasible for skilled migrants to not only remain in Australia but also actively participate in pivotal sectors that are…

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Visa Overhaul to Slam Door on 55,000 Skilled Migrants

Image of Visa overhaul slamming door on skilled migrants

  The government’s Visa crackdown is estimated to slash Australia’s annual skilled immigration intake by more than 55,000, or about a quarter of the total. The Australian Population Research Institute’s study suggests this could ease congestion and house price growth. The government’s amendments have put an axe through the two pillars of the past immigration…

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Study Commercial Cookery in Beautiful Brisbane, Queensland, Australia!

Image of student studying commercial cookery

  CERTIFICATE III AND CERTIFICATE IV IN COMMERCIAL COOKERY These qualifications provides a pathway to work in Australia as a commercial cook in organisations such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, cafes, cafeterias and coffee shops. Founded by Award Winning Chefs in 2009, Australian Skills Management Institute (ASMI) is a Brisbane based progressive training company founded…

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