Spouse Visa Applications Are Easy – My Friend Did It Him/Herself

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Image of an overseas couple who successfully applied for a partner visa


That may be true for your friend but, if your friend was jumping off a high cliff and over rocks into the ocean, would you jump too? None of us do everything our friends do – we need to make our own choices, especially in matters as important as love and migration where the risks are so high.

People doing their own partner visa applications may not realise that they are “sailing close to the wind” – in other words, they may not be aware of the fact that they could inadvertently not complete the application properly, which could lead to very long delays, or even worse, refusal of the visa application.

When you are trying to get on with your life with your overseas partner the last thing you want is long delays or a possible refusal – not to mention the fact that you could lose thousands of dollars in visa application fees. Using an experienced Registered Migration Agent gives you the peace of mind knowing that your application will be lodged professionally with the best chance of a positive outcome.


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